Virtual Assistant services available include social media management and content creation, eBook publishing, research tasks, mailing list management, DMCA letters sent to infringing sites/distributors, website management, Patreon and Kickstarter project management, and more.

Services are available by project, or as an ongoing agreement. Please query for more information.

April has worked with me for over a year, and her help has been invaluable when it comes to dealing with the technical and promotional aspects of self-publication. She has set up and managed my newsletter mailing lists in both MailPoet and MailChimp, redesigned my Wordpress website, and designed a Facebook ad and an ebook cover. She has compiled several of my short works in both epub and mobi ebook formats, and updated back matter in existing ebooks. Print On Demand books can have different requirements depending on the company. April converted a Createspace book cover so that it was suitable for use in Ingram Spark’s required format. She has also donned her research librarian hat when I needed background information on genetics for a book proposal, and found several useful books and articles.

She is also very patient when I throw my hands up in the air or ask the same question ten times. Sometimes technical issues arise at the worst times, and April’s calm steadiness and can-do attitude make it much easier to get through those times.
— Kristine Smith
Writing, for all that it has the historical image of the single figure alone in their garret, is a business. There’s patreon-wrangling and backer fulfillment to be done, website updates and promotional calls to be made, and a dozen-plus more things that scrape time away from the writer’s first obligation: writing.

People often wonder how I manage to get so much done without losing my mind. My answer is two words: April Steenburgh. Having a solid VPA who can handle things so well the writer knows that they’ll be done without having to think about it again not only gives back writing time, but gives back writing brain, as well.
— Laura Anne Gilman
I’ve had the pleasure of working with April several times now. April is a formatting Rock Star that has a wealth of knowledge about the “book” business. She’s been an invaluable resource to me and I’m often thankful I made her acquaintance. Any author, whether newbie or seasoned, would be well taken care of in her capable hands.
— Sara Benedict, Senior Acquisitions Editor, 4Word Press