April Steenburgh has designed four ebooks for the small press Zombies Need Brains over the last three years and one for one of my own novels and no matter the format (epub, mobi, etc.) she delivers a quality product in a timely manner.  More than timely, actually.  The speed at which she turns a Word file into an ebook is impressive, and that speed doesn’t stop with the ebook itself.  If there are problems with the formatting of a file (odd line breaks, extra space, etc.), she tackles and fixes those problems quickly.  She has even incorporated images such as chapter icons into the ebook files, as well as links to webpages when possible.  During the entirety of Zombies Need Brains’ publishing schedule, I have never had a customer complain about the formatting of any of our ebooks.  I would highly recommend April to anyone who is looking for an ebook designer for their own projects.
— Joshua Palmatier, Founder, Zombies Need Brains
Writing, for all that it has the historical image of the single figure alone in their garret, is a business.  There’s patreon-wrangling and backer fulfillment to be done, website updates and promotional calls to be made, and a dozen-plus more things that scrape time away from the writer’s first obligation: writing.  

People often wonder how I manage to get so much done without losing my mind.  My answer is two words: April Steenburgh.  Having a solid VPA who can handle things so well the writer knows that they’ll be done without having to think about it again not only gives back writing time, but gives back writing brain, as well.
— Laura Anne Gilman